Custom Duffel Bags

This sweet bag can be made in a variety of different colours. We're also able to make different types of pockets on the outside to fit your needs. Custom sizing available.

Back Carry Messenger Bags

Heavy duty messenger bag with the convenience of a backpack carry feature. Reinforced with strong copper rivets for long lasting durability!

Custom Messenger Bags

Using our own two-tone pattern for the front, we're able to customize the inside of this bag to accommodate what you need. You can come in and choose your own leather as well. Contact us today for a quote!

Custom Replicated Messenger Bags

This customer's bag had been his favourite bag since the 80s, and you could tell. It needed to be taken apart, patterned, and re-made. Contact us today for a quote!

Custom Replicated Messenger Bags

This customer brought us his old worn out bag, and we replicated it to the very last stitch, using his hardware and his material. Contact us today for a quote!

Custom Leather Briefcase Messenger

This customer came to us with a picture and an idea. He wanted his bag to look like this on the front, but for the actual bag to be bigger and hold more. We're able to accommodate all different looks in our bag making. Contact us for a quote!

Custom Leather Briefcases

Looking for a briefcase that will stand the test of time? Made from bridle leather, these briefcases are not only strong, but they'll age beautifully! They feature four plastic feet to protect your bag, as well as a hardboard bottom to prevent your heavy files from affecting the bag's shape.

Custom Leather Camera Bags

Your camera gear is an expensive investment that deserves to be carried securely. That doesn't mean it can't be stylish. We make custom leather camera bags for photographers looking to have quick access to their gear while versatile enough to hold all the essentials.

Note, we do not make the specific padded lense holders on the interior, but we're happy to make a bag they'll fit nicely into!

Custom Leather Purses

While we don't keep anything this extravagant in stock, we're happy to discuss different purse options with you.

Custom Leather Tote Bags

We're happy to make you a tote bag that suits your style. While we have patterns that we use often, we're definitely able to explore different colours and sizes that work best for you.

Custom Leather Clutch Purses

Simple leather clutch purses for your bridal party? We've got you covered.
These are made from a wonderfully soft leather, with solid brass zippers, gold magnetic clasps, and gold hot stamped initials, for that nice personal touch. Your ladies will love them!

Custom Leather Tote Bags

We can make tote bags in the leather you choose, based on the size you'd like. Feel free to bring in an old bag and we can use the sizing as reference for a new one, like this custom bag!

Request a quote for custom leatherwork

Many of our custom products take time to make. Plan to order at least a month or two in advance (2-4 months for intricate custom work). Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions about production times.