We stock buckles in solid brass, chrome brass, stainless steel, nickel plated steel, and zinc die cast. Looking for a specific buckle? Let us know.

Rivets and Chicago Screws

While there are many types of fasteners for leather, we stock a few different types that are each great for certain jobs!
Copper rivets - these are some of the most durable and long lasting rivets you can get. They are available in sizes 14 (smallest), 12, and 9 (largest)
Shotgun rivets - type of hand-set rivet, specifically for woven fabric (they push through the fabric without cutting and fraying, which results in a much stronger rivet for fabric
Double cap steel rivets - easy to set, two piece, sheet steel rivet with both a finished back and front (available in 6 different finishes - brass, nickle, gunmetal, antique brass, antique nickel, antique copper)
Domed steel rivets - similar style to the double cap rivets, also made from sheet steel, but with a decorative dome on the top side - available in nickel only
Tube rivets - high strength rivets, and offer a splash back option, or can be set using a force fit cap
Chicago screws - great for projects that you may not want to permanently rivet together like belts, etc. (available in brass and nickel brass, 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2" - also in nickel and black, 1/8" open back)


We stock Ligne 24 and Ligne 20 snaps in both long and standard posts. Not all finishes are available in all sizes/lengths. All snaps are sold in packages of 10 full snaps (all four pieces included). Some of the colours we stock include brass, nickel, black, antique brass, and antique copper.

Dees, Rings, Tuck Loops, and Triglides

We have a large variety of all sizes of this hardware, including solid brass and nickel brass options.

Grommets and Eyelets

We stock grommets in brass, nickel plated brass, and black over brass, which come in various sizes. We stock steel eyelets in brass, nickel, antique brass, and antique nickel colours. For more information, please email us. We're happy to help!

Lead Snaps

We stock bolt snaps, trigger snaps, halter snaps, panic snaps, etc., in a variety of finish options and sizes.

Purse Closures

We stock a range of purse closures in a variety of colours. If you're looking for something specific, please contact us.

Conchos, Spikes, and Spots

If you're looking for a specific type of hardware to add to your next piece, let us know. We can help find the perfect thing.