Topical Leather Finishes

Which product is right for which project? A question we’re often asked when it comes to sealing up your beautiful work!

Fiebing’s Neutral Acrylic Resolene

This is a very popular clear top finish, mostly used over dyed or antiqued leather. Fiebing’s says it’s “flexible, durable, and water resistant.” If you’re looking for something to avoid stains or spots, this one would work. Best applied with a piece of sheepskin or a damp sponge. It will go on slightly blue-ish, but dry to a glossy finish.

Fiebing’s Neutral Leather Balm with Atom Wax

This is also a clear top finish, which I really like. It’s a liquid wax formula, which allows for a beautiful polished luster effect. Goes on well over a dyed or natural piece of vegetable tanned cowhide. Unlike the Acrylic Resolene, this is not a water resistant top coat, and because of this, it’s more susceptible to staining.  This is wonderful if you’re going to need to re-condition the piece down the road, as the condition will absorb through the atom wax finish.  Best applied with a piece of sheepskin or a damp sponge. Once dry, buff well with another clean piece of sheepskin or soft cloth. This will really make it glow.

Fiebing’s Bag Kote

Fiebing’s says, “preferred by saddle makers, Bag Kote will give a soft, satin finish no other product can achieve.” It’s the original formula developed by John Fiebing, in the beginning. What we like about it is that it provides depth of colour to a project, while providing a nice satin top coat. If you’ve got something that just doesn’t look dark enough black (perhaps something you’ve just dyed that’s not finished yet), Black Bag Kote will provide that solid black look. We also apply it to finished bags and purses that need an extra black touch up. Not water resistant, but wonderful for depth. Best applied with a piece of sheepskin or a sponge. Available in black, brown, and neutral!

 Fiebing’s Leather Sheen Spray

This is a flexible wax finish spray. It’s great for projects that you don’t want to rub another finish onto. When we’re using Hi-Liter to sharpen and define our swivel knife cuts, we don’t want to be rubbing something on top and risk moving the hi-liter around. A couple quick coats of spray Leather Sheen and you’re good to go. Also good for use on saddles, tack, shoes, and smooth leather bags!
Krylon UV Resistant Gloss Spray This is a tough protective coating that does not yellow with age. It also keeps the colours more true to their original state. We use this top coat when we’re working with coloured dyes that have a tendency to augment when subjected to sunlight (blue, purple, green, red, etc.). This top coat is smudge resistant and moisture resistant.

Tandy Leather Eco-Flo Super Shene

We like this product because it’s a water-based low VOC (volatile organic compounds) version or other similar top finishes. It’s durable, shiny, and water-repellent. Works well on top of a dyed piece of vegetable tanned cowhide. Seals in colour. We use this when we want to then apply Hi-Liter to stamping and tooling. – Apply with a wet sponge – Two solid coats of super shene – Allow to dry completely – Apply Hi-Liter with a brush into your cuts – Allow to dry – Lightly buff off excess Hi-Liter with a damp sponge – Spray with 1-2 coats of Leather Sheen Spray or Krylon UV Resistant Gloss (allowing to dry between each coat)
Tandy Leather Eco-Flo Satin Shene Satin Shene is the same as above, but with a non-glossy satin coat.

If you have any questions about any of these products, feel free to call, email, or pop in and we can show you what we mean with a quick demo!

Thanks very much for your interest!
Kristi Grove,
Tundra Leather
Written July 11, 2016

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