All the leatherworking knowledge you didn’t know you needed!

Have you got questions about leatherworking terms, measurements, and definitions?

Well…we finally got a new website! It was time to take our website into the 21st century with better pictures, better links, and better information.  Because of this, we now have the ability to share more information with you!

If you check out the “Leather” section on our homepage (see image below), you can see plenty of helpful information to get you started or keep you going in your leatherworking journey.  We often have questions about what different parts of leather are called, or what thicknesses are in ounces, millimeters, or irons.  All of this information is now up and we’re happy to share!

If you think something is missing, or you’d like more information listed there, please comment below and we’ll do out best to help you access the knowledge you need!

Thanks for reading!

Tundra Leather
Written October 13, 2017