How to UP your Stamping and Tooling GAME!

Stamping and Tool – Here’s a Time-Saving Tip!

Do you ever get so frustrated sitting at your work station tap..tap…tapppping away at your project? Did you know you can save SO much time by using a plastic swivel knife beveler, as opposed to a craftool beveling tool?

Above is a picture of a swivel knife with a blade (left) and a plastic swivel knife beveler (right).  It’s got a straight edge, which you put into your swivel knife cuts (similar to a beveler tool), but instead of tapping away, you drag it along, as if you were cutting.  It takes a decent amount of hand pressure, but the results are amazing!

Check out the smooth appearance of the two bottom bevels (using the plastic swivel knife beveler), as opposed to the top bevel (using a regular craftool beveler).  It really gets into the cut to burnish the leather.

Here’s a video showing the time savings!

Thanks for reading! Let us know if you have any questions!

Tundra Leather
Written October 26, 2017