Ever wondered how to create a fold in thick leather?!

When you’re making a leather box, a bag, or really anything that requires a distinct fold, there are specific tools that will make your job a lot easier! I should mention that this works in thick leather.  In the video below, we’re using a vegetable tanned cowhide in 8/9 oz.

First, a gouge is a great tool to carve a channel out of the leather in a direct line.  This is the tool you’ll see first in the video.  Sean is using the tool up against a steel square to ensure a nice straight line.  Gouges are available in different styles.  What Sean is using is a vintage tool called a “carving tool.”  However, more common these days are “adjustable V gouges” or “adjustable U gouges.”  If you think about the shape of both of those letters, that’s the shape you’ll get from the tool.  The adjustable part is handy so you can take less or more leather out depending on the thickness of the leather or the project you’re making.

The second tool Sean uses is called a French Edger.  This tool can be used to skive down the edges of your leather, or as Sean is doing, take some directly out of the middle.  Once he used the gouge to create the first channel, you’ll then see him use the French Edger on either side of that gouge to take out another section.  This allows room on either side of the channel for a nice fold.  If you don’t take this section out, the fold may have some trouble.

If you have any questions about either of these tools, don’t hesitate to drop us a line! We’re happy to help!

Tundra Leather
August 15, 2018