Knife Sheath with Accessory Pockets

Looking to carry your knife along with some other important items while camping? Contact us to discuss options for your new custom sheath.

Axe Sheaths

Axe sheaths are super practical, but they can also be beautiful. Contact us to come up with the perfect sheath for you.

Angled Knife Sheath

If you're looking for a bit more function to your knife sheath, perhaps an angled sheath for easy drawing would work. We're happy to custom make one for you.

Simple Knife Sheath

Want a simple sheath for your knife? We're happy to make one in the colour of your dreams. We can even add a custom name or initials!
Colours pictured: Havana, Chestnut, London Tan

Dangler Knife Sheath

Perfect for its movement and its ability to move out of the way when you need to sit down, this dangler is pretty awesome!

Horizontal Belt Carry Knife Sheath

The style of this sheath allows it to be attached with snaps to your belt.

Horizontal AND Vertical Carry Knife Sheath

This knife sheath features wrap around straps for horizontal carry as well as a middle leather loop for vertical carry. Best of both worlds!

Request a quote for custom leatherwork

Many of our custom products take time to make. Plan to order at least a month or two in advance (2-4 months for intricate custom work). Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions about production times.