Polyester Hand-Stitching Thread (Waxed)

We stock this thread in three different diameters:
.020 - $10.99
.030 - $13.99
.035 - $14.99

They come in 210 foot spools and we stock 22 awesome colours (hover over the pictures below to see colour name).
*Please note, .020 is only available in black, white, chestnut, gold brown, and natural.

Linen Hand-Stitching Thread (Unwaxed)

We stock Somac brand linen thread.

Size: 18/5 cord
Colours: yellow
Qty: 25 yard spools ($9.99)

Contact for current stock and pricing.

Beeswax Buds

We sell beeswax in approximately 1 oz. buds ($2.99 each). These are perfect for re-waxing any of the polyester threads during stitching, or for pre-waxing the unwaxed linen thread.

Awl Haft

This is exactly what you need to get into traditional style stitching. Pairs perfectly with our awl blades, and is used with either a pricking iron or an overstitcher. You would need an awl (versus stitching chisels) when going through multiple layers of bridle leather, where the teeth of the stitching chisels wouldn't be long enough.

Contact for current pricing.

Pricking Irons

This tool is used in traditional hand-stitching. It is meant only to mark your stitches in the surface of the leather, giving a guide for where to strike your awl through.

Contact for current pricing.


An overstitcher is a tool used to mark the surface of leather with your desired stitch spacing. You would then use an awl to pierce through to create your slits.

Contact us for current pricing.

Stitch Chisels

The stitch chisel is a tool that allows you to both stab your holes as well as keep your stitch length regular. The only downside is the thickness of leather you're able to use. If you're using thicker bridle/harness leather, you're going to need to use an awl and overstitcher/pricking iron.

The most popular style is the 4mm size. We sell these individually in 1 prong, 2 prong, 4 prong, and 6 prong. We also sell them in packages of all 4.
1 prong = $12.99
2 prong = $14.99
4 prong = $16.99
6 prong = $18.99
Set of all four = $49.99

We also sell 3mm and 5mm sizes, in packages of four only.
Contact us for current pricing.

Harness Needles

We stock harness needles in packages of 5, and sizes 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, and 5.

$4.99/pk of 5.