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Custom Leatherwork

We make a lot of goods here at Tundra that don’t fall into standard categories, or aren’t specific dimensions, or that we simply just can’t keep in stock. Please check out some of those items below! Also, don’t hesitate to contact us if you don’t see what you need – we might be able to help!

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Most of what we make are messenger bags and duffel bags.  Everything is made to your specific dimensions and specifications.  We also make many bags that have non-traditional dimensions, styles, or for unique purposes.


We make many different belts, including Santa belts, custom width belts, or belts for odd buckles.

Journal Covers

We often make covers for non-traditional sized journals, in many different styles, or with custom initials.


We make many cases for things like pocket knives, epi pens, cigars, key tags, etc.

Shooting Accessories

We make a lot of line bags, shot shell bags, curved gun belts, straight gun belts, etc. (ideally, belts are best made if you can come in for measurements).

Instrument Straps

We can make most instrument straps, or replicate a much-loved but worn out strap.

Custom Sheaths

Knife sheaths and axe sheaths are something we make constantly, however we need the knife/axe in hand to make a proper fitting sheath (most people either drop them off or mail them to us).

Military Belting

We are able to do most military belting, including baldrics (colour, highland officer, jacobite), bayonet frogs, cross belts, dirk straps, drum slings, guardsman belts, rifle slings, sword belts (patrol, CAF, Naval, Traditional, etc.). Contact us for a custom quote!

Pet Accessories

We sell standard collars and leashes in our shop!  You can walk in and purchase them.  We get into all kinds of custom collars and leashes as well (different styles, widths, colours, names, designs, and spikes of course).  We don’t make dog harnesses, unfortunately.

What We Don’t Do

While we would love to do all of the leatherwork, here’s a brief list of the stuff we don’t do, or aren’t able to do:



Custom wallets (other than the styles we already make)

Replica purses

Convert old clothing/purses into new items

Watch bands