Dog Leash


Crafted with care and commitment to quality, our handmade dog leashes are a testament to skilled craftsmanship and lasting durability. Using premium vegetable-tanned leather and durable hardware they are thoughtfully designed for both style and functionality.
11/10 dogs recommend!

Choose from the following variations:

Black Bridle Heavy Braided Lead
¾” x 6 foot
12+ oz black bridle leather
¾” square eye bolt snap
Braided ends secured with copper rivets
Edges: beveled and finished

Rich Brown Riveted Lead
¾” x 6 foot
¾” chrome brass round eye bolt snap
9-10 oz Rich Brown bridle leather
Edges: beveled and finished
Handles riveted on
Lead snap riveted on

Havana Brown Stitched Double Ended Lead
¾” x 6 foot
¾” Stainless steel square eye trigger snap – handle end (floats on handle)
¾” stainless steel round eye bolt snap – lead snap end
9-10 Havana Brown bridle leather
Handles and lead snaps end are stitched on
Edges: beveled and finished

Burgundy Latigo Braided Lead
¾” x 6 foot
¾” Solid brass square eye bolt snap
8/9 oz Burgundy latigo leather
Edges: unfinished (handle edges beveled for comfort)
Handles braided and riveted
Lead snap end braided and riveted

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