Maine Thread TWISTED Waxed Polyester Hand Stitching Thread


Manufactured in their factory in Lewiston, ME, this traditional twisted waxed cord is made of high-tenacity fibers, which have been textured and dyed.  Then they’re twisted and waxed.  Ideal for any hand-stitching project, we sell this cord in size .030, which is the most common size, 210 feet (or 70 yards) per spool, and 10 colours!  From start to finish, their team takes care in each step of the process to ensure their thread maintains the strong quality their customers have depended on for generations.

This waxed polyester hand-stitching thread comes in various thicknesses and many colours.  Needle size is very much a preference, but we’ve listed some guidelines on needle sizing below.

.020″ – 1 cord (we recommend a size 1 or 2 harness needle)

.030″ – 2 cord (we recommend a size 1/0 harness needle (this is a size 0)

.035″ – 3 cord (we recommend a size 2/0 harness needle (this is a size 00)

*Pictured is .035 thickness.

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